Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapture's Eve

On Friday night we drove for 4 hours Northeast to get to a town called Columbia in the hills/sticks of California, pretty close to Yosemite. This town is home to "Country Trash", one of the bands we played with. Despite any road mishaps, we had a fun show with a great crowd and passed a cowboy museum, a nice sunset and some lovely windmills and rolling hills of tall grass which happy California cows grazed upon. It was an "Un-Halloween Party Theme Night at Donny D's Water Wheel Saloon" so lots of costumes were donned and we came as 80's folks.  We got home at 4am-ish, all in one piece and no one disappeared into the sky or exploded or anything.  On Sunday, to raise funds for our drummer Evan's Marathon run for Leukemia/Lymphoma, we had a brief busking session on the street before a cop stopped us because of a complaint from someone who lives above a store downtown... Just a thought:  If you don't want to hear drums/bongos/bagpipes/accordions/guitars/parades/protesters/homeless men yelling/kids screaming/motorcycles revving/harps/ukeleles/glee clubs/violins/banjos/fiddles/sirens/old men with boomboxes blasting classical music while directing an invisible symphony orchestra...... YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T LIVE ON THE MAIN STRIP IN SANTA CRUZ CALIFORNIA!!!  Maybe?  We love our town.

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